My interests include data science and predictive analytics, statistics, data architecture, agile methodologies, and advocating for data literacy.

I am a Data Architect for a healthcare services company working with BI Tools and Advanced Analytics. I enjoyng working collaboratively and communicating with professionals of varying different backgrounds.

My analytics work involves working with a combination of different tool sets, such as R, SAS, SQL, and Microsoft Office Products. I also enjoy writing and presenting analytic concepts to groups. Some recent accomplishments include:

Practical Predictive Analytics - Back to the future with R, Spark and More

This book is intended for anyone working in the large scale Enterprise data world, already familiar with relational database systems, who is interested in integrated R into their work. It can also be useful for anyone who has just learned R and is interested in learning about the methodologies, and types of predictive analytics problems that are used in the legacy corporate world.

Developing Interactive Trees using Inpatient Claims using SAS Enterprise Miner

This tutorial demonstrates how to construct an interactive decision tree using SAS Enterprise Miner and is useful for anyone interested in leveraging their healthcare domain knowledge for constructing interactive rule based decision trees.

Constructing Decision Trees for Medicare Claims using R and Rattle

Similar to the tutorial above, but customized for R business analysts working in the healthcare field who prefer a menu driven task oriented environment, rather than the command line, to construct decision trees.

Practical Text Mining with SQL using Relational Databases

Some versions of SQL (such as Postgre SQL) have useful text minining capabilities, and this presentation was crafted to demonstrate some of the underutilized text mining capabilities of SQL.